"Emerson Canada Benefit Plan Ceases Cancer Prescription Coverage While Employee Undergoing Treatment" thought James as he laid frightened in his Thomas Baker Cancer Center (Calgary) chemo 'day bed'. At bedside, two hours into his first toxic round of R-CHOP chemo, the 20+ year loyal Emerson Process Management project manager, hears the devastating news issued from his Markham-based President (Emerson Canada) made the executive decision to refuse continuing your LTD-income benefits based on grounds we recently changed benefit carriers, from Manulife to Great West Life. Therefore Emerson made no financial accommodations to carry yours over, whether you need them or not. We're not legally responsible to do so. You're on your own James."

"How irresponsible!!!" James thought, barfing purple-coloured bile caused by the R-CHOP & the stress this Emerson moron had caused. "His decision will cause me to lose my home before beating late Stage IV Hodgkin's lymphoma." the long-time Emerson employee thought. "Emerson Canada's President will ruin me (financially)."

Sure enough, 10 months later while hospitalized for a 75 day stretch "to get ahead of tumor growth", James was forced to 'fire-sale' his home. (Now homeless, he's forced to relocate 3000 miles east to go thru his next 3 relapses and ultimate bone marrow transplant which cured him.)

30 months later, Emerson Canada's President again showed how unethical he was when he cancelled James' cancer prescription coverage while still hospitalized in the Nova Scotia Cancer Center post a complex bone marrow transplant.

"1000's of Canadian employees are facing this same unethical 'Emerson Canada-style abuse' every day while undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses like cancer." long-time Emerson employee James said quietly.

"This story will tell a seemingly 'ethical' Emerson Canada President, although ignorant of Canadian employment law, can cause 2 of Canada's most important employment laws to be founded."

irish immigrant art
Illustration of Irish immmigrants during the 1800s.