News Portal: Ryan Garrah & James Clyburne

irish immigrant art
Illustration of Irish immmigrants during the 1800s.

Since pre-Confederation, Canadian’s be they citizen’s, employees, employers and entrepreneurs have been faced with aftermath of poor executive decisions be they A). partisan (or not?); B). ethical (or not?); C). honest (or corrupt?); B). good (or bad?); C). hurtful or not; D). ethical or not and E). partisan or not. Technology:  

Ryan Garrah was a red-headed 16-year-old boy who lost his life while laying explosive caps with the Chinese during construction of the CPR Railway. There is a primitive wooden monument to Ryan on the 5th Switchback tunnel located near Field BC.

During the dangerous construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway thru the Rockies, it was the Globe & Mail who reported the death of this boy called the “Red-headed Chinaman”?